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An ideal racing stance. The PC driving video gamer's proportions are not an issue

As a matter of fact, it's OpenWheeler's chassis which represents the cardinal part of this most astonishing game racing chair. You'll discover its design is both plain, functional, providing gamers with flexibility and the aforementioned solidity to operate with any car driving game wheel or any other game controller. When it comes to adjustment and position, OpenWheeler is perfectly light to handle, being created with the lightest components available. And, to be frank, it can't be made much lighter than this, and still boast the same stability characteristics. You'll discover that regulating the optimal driving position is a child's play, being both easy and intuitive, to the extent that the gamer's weight or age don't matter either. It turns into the ultimate racing car game seat once it's adjusted to the driver's most favoured angle - and we're talking simulator here - conveying superb accord between racer and race.

A firm, durable and delightful home racing cockpit simulator

It's simply incredible the mode in which this fantastic work of engineering has been tailored and built. The actual line is perfect with nothing being too much, and with everything being just where it has to be, while at the same time remaining so firm and durable. And the steel work is smooth and robust too, with every juncture made with perfection, and, if you just take a look at the chassis, you'll shortly cherish the colossal effort and the deep eagerness which have gone into the making of this brilliant piece of technical achievement which will render you awe-stricken! The paintwork replete with a subtle powder gloss looks like an airplane design rather than a most durable tool for home entertainment. It indeed looks as if it's unnecessarily strong and accurate - seriously!